The Beauty of Dusk

Have you ever felt the comfort brought by dusk? Sitting at the ground, the gentle wind breeze blowing against your face while watching the sun slowly turning away and fading into darkness. Enjoying the view and reminiscing the past moments in your life. It really is a great time.

When you feel like giving up and that life seems too tiring for you, take a walk and view the sunset. See the skyβ€”the white clouds floating above you, birds chirping and flying towards the horizon, and the blue sky turning into pitch black. It will give you the tranquility to help you ease what’s on your mind. When you feel happy, capture the radiant colors of the sky before the day comes to an end. Because it will show you the wonders and beauty of the sky. When you feel lonely and sad, view the dusk and close your eyes for a moment. Feel the comfort it brings you because it will make you feel that it’s okay to be lonely at times.

Dusk is a normal occurrence in our everyday life but the feeling that it brings us are not. The silence and calmness of everything as if giving you your time to rest and enjoy the end of each day that seems too long. Dusk is just another phenomenon in life which gives an indescribable feeling that brings back the ease of our mind. It is a way of our world to tell you that “Good job! You made it through another day. I am proud of you”. Because dusk, even though it is just a natural happening, it made people feel the freedom and tranquil moments which makes us want to live just another day.


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