“Them” or “We”?


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Injustice, toxicity, ignorance, and idiocy. Some of which the people in general hate. We live each day avoiding and hating these awful things without trying to stop and help ease the worst.

As we try to see the world more clearly, we can notice that when we think we that have already seen the worst, everything seems to get more worse. And why is that? Maybe because we try our hardest to avoid these problems not knowing that while we are not showing concern to these worsening phenomena, we neglecting our responsibilities to the world and our right to make it a better place for ourselves and for the future. We hate the fact that our society seems too ignorant to do something but we in ourselves are not taking actions to make it work. Many people have tried doing a change but they drastically failed in doing so because those of whom they are protecting are the ones who hinders them from getting the victory they want so much. And you want to ask why this is happening? Because we, the people of our own world can not accept the fact that we are the ones neglecting our own duty to make our world a better place.

We blame the government for the poor service they give the people yet we don’t address the poor quality we show our own society. We blame the society for being a mess yet you don’t do anything to change the way it is.

Public officials sworn to do their duties but ends up abusing their power. Citizens, as part of this society, wants to have a better place but doesn’t play their roles as good citizens of their own state.

Too many high hopes, too many concerns but without taking actions, we will surely falter. We should not just complain. We should also act and do our part as the people who will benefit from our own actions. We have a lot of ways to make a better world but there is only one question to make sure our success. Are you ready to take part and make a better world? The choice is for you to make.

Behind the Pages They Wrote

Books are pieces of literature which displays different stories and emotions that capture readers’ interests. Different genres—romance, fantasy, fictional, tragedy, and so. Different stories to tell but only one reason why they wrote. To let someone know their unheard tales.

Through the years that passed, they have published thousands of books which were loved by people. Admired, inspired by it and even made people write their own. We read books and enjoy it while admiring how their respective authors thought of such stories. A lot of people liked books, some didn’t. Some of them even have the audacity to criticize authors for writing their works not knowing that they are downgrading those people and neglecting their unsaid realities. Because behind the every pages ever written are stories that were never been given attention to but through the help of writing, they had a way to ease their suppressed feelings. Little did we know that when we are giving much attention about their stories regardless of what reasons, we tend to listen to those untold moments—maybe not personally but by sympathizing with their stories.

The Beauty of Dusk

Have you ever felt the comfort brought by dusk? Sitting at the ground, the gentle wind breeze blowing against your face while watching the sun slowly turning away and fading into darkness. Enjoying the view and reminiscing the past moments in your life. It really is a great time.

When you feel like giving up and that life seems too tiring for you, take a walk and view the sunset. See the sky—the white clouds floating above you, birds chirping and flying towards the horizon, and the blue sky turning into pitch black. It will give you the tranquility to help you ease what’s on your mind. When you feel happy, capture the radiant colors of the sky before the day comes to an end. Because it will show you the wonders and beauty of the sky. When you feel lonely and sad, view the dusk and close your eyes for a moment. Feel the comfort it brings you because it will make you feel that it’s okay to be lonely at times.

Dusk is a normal occurrence in our everyday life but the feeling that it brings us are not. The silence and calmness of everything as if giving you your time to rest and enjoy the end of each day that seems too long. Dusk is just another phenomenon in life which gives an indescribable feeling that brings back the ease of our mind. It is a way of our world to tell you that “Good job! You made it through another day. I am proud of you”. Because dusk, even though it is just a natural happening, it made people feel the freedom and tranquil moments which makes us want to live just another day.

The Bad Guy or Just Another Victim?

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In every story, there are always the protagonists and antagonists who play their respective roles. Protagonists will be portrayed as the good characters while antagonists will have no other choice but to be the bad guys. But, have we ever thought about every antagonist’s point of view? Are there times when we consider looking at the antagonistic side of the world? I guess not.

People, in general, tend to look only on one side of the world where they find it easier to accept. Humankind only tries to understand what seems to be better rather than thinking about those of which are worse too. The world grew up thinking that only one side is right and disregards the other leaving its reasons unknown. When one is solved, the other side of it gets discarded and no one is left to understand them. Little do we know that the side which we harshly rejects also has reasonable points but no one else paid attention to it. Antagonists become who they are because of a certain cause and not just because they chose to.

Have we ever thought of their reasons onto why they chose to be the way they are today? People have own reasons but some choose to not explain themselves because they already knew that they won’t be heard by these selfish and close-minded world. Everyone choose to do what they think is better even with the knowledge that the other one is still right. And with these, people who were once the protagonists of their own stories ended up as the antagonist of the others.

World is indeed a complicated and complex place to be. Here, we can be the good guy of your story but in here is where you will also be the bad guy. And thus, all we can do is to do our best to fully understand every side before going to conclusions so that there would be a less “protagonist turned into an antagonist” type of person.